Kisume Omakase, Melbourne

I’ve been self-segregating ever since I got the Nintendo Switch in 2018. I don’t go out much and keep in touch frequently. My three most important friends at the moment are:

  1. The Girlfriend
  2. The fake plant I purchased from K-Mart
  3. Captain America Shield cushion

So, as my Switch is positioned on the dock for charging, I thought I’d take my laptop off and write about an experience the time when life seemed easier. I’m taking my self-seclusion seriously if the most recent dining experience I’m able to write about is in January, which was late.

I’m talking about the most memorable Melbourne Omakase experience. Kisume.Where magic takes place

Disclosure: I didn’t originally have a plan to go to Kisume while I was in Melbourne. I’d had three previous omakase experiences in January (I really visited in my birthday month) and wanted a bit of some respite from sushi.

But, we did have some time to pass between removing ourselves from our hotel and getting to the airport, so eating a meal that would take some time was a great idea.

Spoilers: This was a GREAT idea, even if it did pass by in about 45 minutes.

My principal man, Phillip: Kingfish with ponzu and tuna flakes

It is the same powerful opening as the heist sequence in The Dark Knight and is just as effective. The scene is set using the citrus notes of the ponzu, which highlights the fresh flavor inside the small bowl.

I referred to the Joker. However, this course isn’t an ode to the Joker. Slow-cooked abalone with sweet miso and umami powder

Abalone is difficult to cook properly, and it’s a tough one. It’s easy to cook it and transform it into chewy, tasteless food waste; however, making it soft and delicious requires craft skills, skill, and ability tools I am severely lacking (other things I am severely lacking in my writing skills: the ability to compose blog posts in a timely fashion as well as texting people who want to hear from me and actually completing my Netflix watching list).

Thank God the chefs of Kisume are able to provide what I’m not able to. What a great idea to present this abalone plate when someone next would like to see my abs (it is more common than you imagine).King George Whiting with ginger chive puree

Ginger puree is awe-inspiring. It felt as if I had been punched in the mouth by Wendy’s logo due to how strong the ginger punch was. The ginger smack was a fast strike from the wasabi, which reminded me that this isn’t a normal season game.

Have I mentioned that I’m an obnoxious masochist, so every flavor that I tried has me rocking the largest flavor boner on the planet? Are you getting too much info? Hapuka from New Zealand topped with chili and garlic.

This dish tasted just like home, as I add garlic and chili into almost everything I cook (this is a good thing for toast, as well as cereal and fruit salads). The classic combo elevates Hapuka into the Penthouse area that I enjoy in my mouth. Yellowfin tuna with nori puree

The tuna’s first release was an extension of the extremely high standard that Chef Phillip had established. It’s something like a greatest hits compilation that is a debut album for someone. Is Chef Phillip actually Nas?

The tuna was incredibly soft, and the nori purée was as if it was the sensation of an Einstein heart attack, the stroke of genius. King Salmon with green apple and onion salsa

You don’t typically encounter an Omakase-style menu.

However, I am a fan of tradition, just as Kanye West is regarding being a political spokesman. It was delicious, and that’s what I care about. The salsa was delicious. I requested for it to dance with me on the next night with a Spanish theme at my favorite club (my most-loved club is a sandwich, to be truthful).Swordfish from Western Australia tataki style with sweet soy and crispy nori

Okay, Phillip, I’m sorry to say that you’re not able to relax. What are you doing? What house did you live in when you were at Hogwarts?Hokkaido scallop with lime salt and crispy yuba

The textures are truly amazing, Man. It’s not even talking about mine, but my coat is made of mink.

I requested Phillip to throw food in my mouth from that moment. He was halfway considering it but decided to decline after he realized that the whole meal could have been done in just the time of 23 minutes rather than 45. Alfonsino from New Zealand topped with Tasmanian uni

New Zealand and Tasmania are coming together; it’s as if two states that have been forgotten in Australia are getting together to release a compilation that will show their worth to the world.

It’s true; it was the most anticipated mixtape of the year 2020. It’s one of my favorites, and I’m not even a big fan of Sea the urchin! Pickled sardines with kombu, ginger, shiso and sesame

Oh, Phillip, I was having a great time, and then you threw Sardines in front of me.

I’m sure that people who enjoy the taste of sardines would’ve enjoyed this. It was hard to accept, similar to the NBA season being delayed indefinitely. Kingfish belly with salted seaweed kombu and citrus pepper

There’s not much more thrilling than watching your omakase chef pull off the blow torch. I began exchanging ecstatic looks with the entire room, including one lady who was already moving away from me after I announced my boner flavor to the world.

The blowtorch changed the kingfish into a fat piece of heaven, which brought sweet and sweet love to my taste buds. My mind and palate were overwhelmed. Scampi topped with caviar and finger lime.

My initial reaction was: Was that caviar blue? Is it from the Smurfs’ land?

My reaction after having eaten the meal was My reaction after eating the piece was: Yo, when’s your next train scheduled to Smurf land? And are they willing to let me stay for a long time? Churashi with salmon roe and spanner crab

Roe roe roe the boat, and gently flow along the river.

If this is placed in front of you, then life turns into the realization of a dream.

In all seriousness, a large version of this meal would be something I’d eat each day throughout my life. Half-seared toro from Japan

Half-searing turned this chunk of tuna into tuna butter. Although it may sound odd, it’s an honor to spread it onto my bread, crumpets, and bagels, as well as croissants and even my body.

You’ve heard it before. Wagyu beef with a marble score of 7+ topped with foie gras and apple smoke

And last but certainly not least, some wagyu beef can be used to top off everything.

This was way over the top, most deliciously. Flavor on top of flavor: It was like everything good in the world was gathered to create an event, and I was so glad to be a member of the party.

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