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6 July 2021

Be proud of your battle scars

This blog post came to me in the strangest of places, totally exposed while being fitted for a new strapless bra. Pushing 40 and two C-sections later, standing there vulnerable under those unpleasant downlights that show every single lump and bump and piece of sagging skin. The wonderful, first time pregnant sales girl, lovingly looked at me after I complained of trying so hard to […]

6 July 2021

Achieve a drop dead gorgeous look in no time

Since we don’t have a fairy godmother to wave her wand and turn us into stunning princesses any time (or at least I assume), sometimes we need a bit more time to walk out of that door happy with the outcome.  For some reason, that “a bit more time” almost always translates to hours of bathing, scrubbing, waiting, trying on, taking off  and the ultimate […]

6 July 2021

6 Habits to Improve the Quality of Your Life

In this modern and super busy age, the idea of a peaceful, fulfilled life of happiness seems like an odd fantasy.  You rely on coffee to get you through the day, you get winded after climbing a flight of stairs, you’re always in a rush, always tired, always procrastinating because chores seem so overwhelming and juggling work, family, and you social life seems impossible.  Finding […]