Bush and Redfern is a tribute to our gorgeous country of Australia’s undefined food culture. Any country that is able to flex our capability to transform Vegemite into an edible hot meat pie, amazing Thai food, and top-quality steak simultaneously is where I want to be.

Bush is a nod to a couple of these threads by offering the menu for a melting pot that changes according to what the chefs would like to accomplish and the freshest produce they can lay the best of.

Let’s take a look at what I have gotten to my feet.

The organic chicken liver pate comes topped with pickled onion, roasted chili, and sourdough.

There’s a good chance there’ll be a pate in my mouth, and the public is invited to listen to my story.

Amazing, beginning with one of my very first big meals in the outside world. There’s no unpleasantness that you may find in less quality pate that is able to remain as a stray bean under your couch after you accidentally spilled beans while trying to fill an empty beanbag.

The crunch that comes from the pickled onion, as well as the heavily buttered sourdough, are, and so do all the Avengers in Endgame. Just like Endgame, it will keep you returning and wanting to go back to the first time you saw it.

Greens (Lettuce Cucumber Capers)

Disclosure: ordering the gardens wasn’t my idea.

After eating these? It would be nice to say they were my concept.

At first impression, it’s just an assortment of veggies with a few capers atop. It’s not exactly spectacular. Like the profile I have on my Tinder account, once you realize that a single click opens up a world of delights and unexpected flavors (by the way, I’m 100 100% no longer on Tinder).

Crinkle Cut Chips

I am a young person. Don’t forget that, you dear reader (all seven).

The simple pleasure of crispy, deep, crispy chips served with a drizzle of ketchup always gets my stamp of approval.

Get them now. You’ll find them the perfect companion to serve as the main course of the meal (which will be next).

Double Cheeseburger

My top five cravings during the height of COVID-19, when everyone was at home:

  • A very good burger.
  • A delicious double patty burger
  • It’s delicious, and you’ll be unable to take it down once you’ve taken it in hamburger.
  • A blend of pickles, cheese, and beef that melts into your mouth when you put your teeth into it.
  • Acai bowl. However, you can subtract the acai bowl and then put the double cheeseburger on top.

The burger I had was the primary reason for me to go to Bush and was the primary reason for me to return (and once more).

This is the short version for those who thought I was retired without making a public announcement, similar to Tim Duncan in his last NBA season:

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