Delicious Recipes From Ancient Times

These ancient recipes are better than junk food and can be served as desserts or royal cuisine.

The medieval period was known not only for its amazing paintings but also for its culinary experiments. Ancient recipes didn’t limit their creativity. They tried many different ingredients and combinations. Although some of the dishes they created are now considered bizarre by modern-day people, others are well-known and still enjoyed today.

These dishes are easy to make at home, so you don’t need to go to the library to find recipes. Are you ready for a delicious meal? Let’s go!

1. Kebabs from 1700 BC

Do you love Kebabs? Kebabs are not a unique experience, but many people love them. Kebab is a meat that has been skewered with a stick since ancient Greece.

2. Jerky

Everyone loves jerky (lean meat) and has enjoyed it for many years. Jerky meat can be stored for quite some time. There have been many names for it in different parts of the world. Pemmican is the North American version of jerky. It can be made with any meat (Moose, Bison) available.

3. Roman Honey Cakes

These delicious Roman Honey cakes are a great way to recreate ancient Rome’s cuisine. Roman Honey cakes are the most famous dessert of ancient times. It’s still a popular choice for people of all ages. Today, there are many variations on this classic recipe, but there were only three ingredients in the original: eggs, honey, and flour.

4. Greek Savillum (Cheesecake)

Did you know that Cheesecake was a popular Greek dish? The Cheesecake was traditionally made with honey, soft cheese, and flour. It was also flavoured with orange zest. Unlike modern cheesecakes that are eaten as desserts, the Greek Saville was served with a couple of wines at the end of a meal.

5. Roman Globuli

Did you know that the ancient Romans were foodies and indulged in lavish banquets at royal palaces? Roman globulin is not a royal dish, but it’s delicious! It’s fried curd with a combination of honey & poppy seeds. The Romans popularized this dish at Saturnalia and Lupercalia feasts. Cheese curds are a popular choice in the northeastern United States. These delicious curds can be found in all restaurants throughout Michigan if you plan a visit.

6. Dormouse

In ancient times, mouse paste was used to treat toothache. It was also a favourite dish of Romans. The ancient Romans unusually ate some foods. They did not eat the wire-gnawing mice but instead ate edible dormice larger than normal. Croatia and Slovenia still eat wild edible dormouse, a marinated chicken drumstick. People in Slovenia use dormice as medicine. Are you familiar with dormouse? What was your experience?

7. Roman Scrambled Egg Drop Soup

Drop soup is a Chinese dish famous for its scrambled eggs soup. Most of the dishes that ancient people used included eggs. This traditional Italian soup is made with eggs, nutmeg and pepper. It is also known as Italian Egg Drop Soup. To make the egg-shaped shreds, eggs are added to the broth. This ancient dish is easy to prepare at home and one of the most popular. You can serve the soup as an appetizer or as a beverage.

8. Mesoamerican Tamales

People of all ages love tamales. Tamales are a Mexican tradition that has been part of Mexican culture for many years. Tamales were prepared in different ways by different cultures and regions. Some people filled Tamales with animals and plants, while others used roasted squash seeds or fish.

Tip: To make your dish more delicious, use chilli sauce as a garnish and add beans to the filling.

9. Byzantine Garum

You don’t think that without sauce, your dishes are incomplete. Garum, a fermented sauce used to enhance the flavours of many dishes in ancient times, was used as a condiment. Garum was used to enhance the flavour of dishes by adding wine, oil, and black pepper. It has been reintroduced in a different form. It is similar to garum in Rome but used in Southeast Asia as fish sauce.

10. Mesoamerican Drinking Chocolate

Does anyone like chocolate? Chocolates can be found everywhere, from chocolate shakes to hot chocolate, roasted cacao beans, and plain chocolate. Although you may be a chocolate fan, do you know where these delicious dishes came from? The origins of chocolate can be traced back to Mesoamerica. It was a popular food in the Aztec and Maya civilizations. Aztec’s decorated cups for chocolate drinks. The upper classes drank it after their meals.

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