Merah Putih, Bali

Merah Putih, Bali

New year, old me, with a huge old bag of puns, dad jokes, and ill-thought out analogies.

But I did visit an exciting new restaurant in Bali known as Merah Putih and my God I couldn’t wait to share this blog post out to the world. So we present it.

Mixing traditional and contemporary cuisine, Merah Putih tips its hat to its Indonesian forefathers but is also aware that innovation and change are vital ingredients in the world of food. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy incredible things such as the cronut, cruffin, or ….other bizarre pastries from Dominique Ansel, but I hope you know what I’m saying.

The very first taxicab to emerge from the ranks came with a complimentary bowl of chicken noodles soup. It was warm and hearty, made with chicken, corn, and noodles; this was a fantastic option to start the appetite. The dish comes with a tiny bowl of sambal, which contains the most deadly amount of heat. I was able to feel a little bit and felt as if someone had sparked a fireball to my right.

Ah, snap! This was an absolute blast. The red emperor’s ripe slices of snapper, accompanied by a variety of textures. A little lemon mousse and seaweed crisps gave each bite a tactile voyage.

First, shout out to the brains in the kitchen who decided to pour the rich coconut laksa on the table in front of the dumpling instead of to the back of the room. This ensures that the dumpling has the most bounce, as I did when I dunked on a shorter rim.

There’s a lot of lobster inside these dumplings, which led me to call the dumplings big boys, which resulted in some confused stares from servers who were passing by, but unfortunately, I was smitten with having this big ole boy to eat.


Merah Putih’s version of the traditional Peking duck was awe-inspiring to me as a concept since the Peking duck is among my most loved food items. Many of the same elements are in the pancake that wraps the cucumbers, duck, and other condiments, but it doesn’t provide the same amount of satisfaction and joy that Peking duck normally offers.

However, it was still a mouthwateringly delicious meal. However, it’s difficult not to be tempted to compare. The basketball equivalent is acknowledging just how awesome Kobe Bryant is, but in the back of your head, you know Michael Jordan indeed did everything he did, but better and with greater accomplishments.

I love pork, man. The sight of that pork belly was on the menu; it was a natural choice, and it did not disappoint my craving for fat pork belly. Incredibly crispy and full of pork fat, each bite was a melting-in-your-mouth experience.

It was so tasty that I asked for additional pork dishes (that’s not true; I’d already ordered another pork dish, which was moving toward my table).

A fresh version of babi guling Merah Putih is attempting to elevate all aspects of the traditional dish.

It’s amazing how the meal was basically an all-star line-up of pork. It was filled with sweet pork sausage, a light pork neck, and crispy crackling, and the main attraction of the show was the fall-off-the-bone Baby back pork ribs, which I sliced with the help of a spoon.

A spoon! You don’t need knives and forks. Simply a gentle prod using an empty spoon. It slid away from the bone with ease like a dog chewing on an old bone and throwing it away for dog treats.

My mouth was always full of dog treats in this poorly imagined analogy.

The most frequently ordered takeaway dish It was my first time having the food in Indonesia. It was deliciously smoky, and the aroma of the wok infused every bite of rice. The tiny drop of yolk that came from the poached egg was another level of pleasure to the meal.

It was rice that I needed to accompany this dish and also to complete my meal at Merah Putih with it.

This is the short version for anyone searching the web for low-cost flights to Bali to begin Merah eating these tasty dishes into their mouths:

  • While not traditional or authentic, There was a distinct level of deliciousness and quality.
  • It is essential to purchase seafood dumplings, ribs, snapper, and Nasi Goreng. The items are absolutely mandatory.

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