Healthy Snacks to Keep at the Office

Afternoon and morning snacks (whether at the office or at home) do more than ward off hunger; they also offer an additional opportunity to take in nutrients, minerals, and fiber throughout the day, essential nutrients that aren’t easy to find in the typical three-square meal. You only need a handful of ingredients and some imagination to make delicious snacks that can be the talk of your workplace. Remember this when planning to add protein and fiber to your food will keep you full for long hours (not the case with a candy bar or a handful of pretzels).

Healthy Snacks to Keep in the Office:

Not all snacks require refrigeration, a freezer, or an ice pack; however, they are worth the expense.

Hummus is made of red peppers that have been roasted, with cut-up bell peppers, baby carrots, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes.

Dipped frozen grapes in low-fat vanilla yogurt (freeze the grapes the night before)

Squares of Pumpernickel bread with spreadable cheddar cheese (such as Boursin as well as Alouette)

Olive tapenade served on whole-wheat pita, whole grain crackers, or whole-wheat sandwiches that are thin.

Part-skim ricotta cheese tossed with diced oil-packed tomatoes as well as fresh basil. Spread over Triscuits or whole grain crackers and served with whole wheat pretzels.

Cream cheese made of light vegetables is stuffed inside tiny sweet peppers (also called miniature lovely vines)

Mixed nuts, unsalted, with dried cherries and dried Cranberries

Dried mango and ripe pineapples dipped in low-fat lemon or lime yogurt

Instant oatmeal containing chopped almonds

Sliced apples dipped in nut seed butter (peanut or pine nut, almonds pecan, cashew macadamia, pistachio, hazelnut, Brazil) or seed butter (hemp, sesame, pumpkin, and Apricot)

Fresh green beans drizzled with low fat Herbed Cheese (like Laughing Cow)

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