This savory Dutch Baby pancake with mushrooms and goat’s cheese is a great vegetarian breakfast recipe to share with friends.


Dutch baby pancake? cup (100g) plain flour

1 tsp salt

? cup (160ml) milk

Three eggs

30g butter, diced

Garlic mushrooms2 tbsp olive oil

40g butter, diced

300g Swiss brown mushrooms, halved

Three cloves garlic, crushed

Salt and pepper

To serve tbsp chopped chives

? cup marinated goat curd

Fresh thyme sprigs for garnish (optional)


Dutch baby pancake

  1. Set an oven rack at the center and then remove the other frames below or above. Set the oven to 220degC/240degC (fan-forced) and then place a 25cm (top measurement) oven-proof frying pan inside the range to get warm.
  2. Combine the flour with salt and flour in large bowls. Make a well in the middle. Add milk and eggs. Mix until an even batter. Let sit for 10 minutes.
  3. After the oven temperature has been reached, remove the frying pan from the oven using oven gloves, pour the butter into the pan, and swirl to coat the pan’s base and sides. Pour batter in and return to the range. Cook for 15-18 hours or so until the pancake is puffed up and the sides are golden.

Garlic mushrooms

  1. While the pancake is cooking, make sure to heat butter and oil in a skillet at medium-high. Add the mushrooms and cook, stirring continuously, for 5-6 minutes. Add garlic, go, and add salt and pepper. Cook for another few minutes. Take it off and put it aside.

To serve

  1. Remove the frying pan from the oven. Then, immediately top it with chopped garlic mushrooms, chives, and dollops of goat’s curd marinated. Sprinkle with fresh thyme sprigs that are cut in wedges. Serve immediately

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