Be proud of your battle scars

Be proud of your battle scars

This blog post came to me in the strangest of places, totally exposed while being fitted for a new strapless bra. Pushing 40 and two C-sections later, standing there vulnerable under those unpleasant downlights that show every single lump and bump and piece of sagging skin.
The wonderful, first time pregnant sales girl, lovingly looked at me after I complained of trying so hard to lose my baby belly and said “I think your body is beautiful – it shows you have lived life”.

I had never felt so touched to hear that my extra loose skin and little pockets of unwanted fat, that I curse so often – could appear beautiful to someone else.

So it made me think that us women, sometimes as much as we try our best to train, eat well on top of being a parent, counsellor, friend, co-worker, wife, partner – and late nights nursing sick children, need to give ourselves a damn break sometimes.
Our body is a vessel, and it’s our job to ensure that its healthy mind – body and soul – but that doesn’t mean it has to be perfect. And hating on ourselves, is definitely not nurturing our mind or mental health for that fact.

We are all made different, different shapes, different heights, some of us hold weight in our thighs – while others carry it in their tummies – but all in all we are women who should not be defined by this, there is so much more that can define us.
We are carers, and lovers, and friends who help friends through tough times, we are people who let other mothers in front of us in a grocery line when we can see they are struggling with a tiresome child and just need to get home.

So try and be proud of your battle scars, and look at them in a different light – even if for a moment. Men can be proud of their scars, reminiscent of fights they have won and lost and a continuous display of their bravery and honour.

So, let yours show your story, and own it! And accept that the wonderful scar you now possess underneath your bikini line that you are glad is hidden, means that you were one of the lucky ones who was given the chance to bring a wonderful new life into this world. Now that’s something to be proud of.

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