Achieve a drop dead gorgeous look in no time

Since we don’t have a fairy godmother to wave her wand and turn us into stunning princesses any time (or at least I assume), sometimes we need a bit more time to walk out of that door happy with the outcome.  For some reason, that “a bit more time” almost always translates to hours of bathing, scrubbing, waiting, trying on, taking off  and the ultimate choice can sometimes still be kind of “meh” if we’re not in the right mood.  Well, maybe we’ve been looking at the process from a wrong perspective?

In fact, you can truly achieve more in less, with just a few pointers as to which details to pay most attention to and how you can wisely allocate your time to the right portions of crafting your look.


What most fashionistas forget to point out and represents an essential edge in their look, is the fact that they tend to pick their outfits an evening ahead.  That gives you the peace and quiet you need to consider the occasion without being in a rush to make it to your first morning meeting and you can try on your best outfits depending on the tomorrow’s weather forecast.  So, just before you hit the sack for some beauty sleep (which is another key to lasting radiance by the way), take a moment to peruse through your wardrobe.

Are you in the mood for a classic pantsuit, you’re eager to try that new pencil skirt with a crisp clean shirt, or you’d gladly opt for a comfy blazer that you purchased the day before?


The use of blush serves us to give us the rosy glow of youth, the foundation brings out our facial contours while hiding some pesky imperfections  and your lovely gloss brings out your pout.  But if the purpose of wearing makeup is predominantly to hide what you dislike, then you might want to consider changing your philosophy.  Care for your skin constantly and you’ll always be able to go anywhere with minimal to no makeup at all, because proper nourishment brings out your natural beauty  and saves hours on touch-ups.  Instead, you can put on the classic red lip, some rich mascara and you’re good to go!


A single well-chosen necklace can do more for your look than an entire ensemble of accessories.  So how on earth can you make your limited number of baubles and add-ons to always look brand new and unique?  Switch and mix up, ladies and you’ll perfect your options in time!

For instance, something as simple as glasses you wear to improve your vision can be an incredible beauty asset.  You can talk to various optometrists from Broadway eye care to find the perfect designer frame and voila!  You have the ultimate authentic accessory with a purpose.  Also, consider adding some unusual details, such as a hair comb, mismatched earrings or a bowtie that brings out your goofy persona.  But just like with makeup, when it comes to accessories, less is always more!


When you’re not in the mood for the ombre purple lip and you just want to wear your favorite jeans and a logo tee, what’s your greatest ally in making your look pop in the crowd?  Why it’s your mane of course!  Short, wavy, curly, straight, thick or thin, with just a few styling tricks, your lovely hair can be your best bet against beauty boredom.

From the 1920’s up-dos and modern waterfall braids, you can create numerous simple, but stunning looks for your hair in as little as five minutes.  Then again, if you have short hair, just a touch of hairspray, styling cream or a few fun embellishments, and even the simplest short do can suddenly become red-carpet ready!

Last, but definitely not the least powerful tool in your style-box, is your attitude, your charisma and your natural charm.  If you walk out the door looking like a million bucks (no matter the time invested in such a grandiose appearance) and you’re exuding pure crankiness, then no amount of lipstick or eyeshadow can help.

So, take those ten minutes that you’d otherwise spend either snoozing or picking out clothes, take a quick shower to refresh yourself and meditate.  Focus on your breathing and calming your body and evoke happy thoughts and inspire yourself to have an attitude of gratitude.  The radiant smile you bring to the world after that soothing session will be more profoundly beautiful than any makeup trick you choose!

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