The choices of where – and how to dine or drink within Australia are increasing. The city streets are no longer used for driving, and parks merely for play; however, the possibilities of savoring a bottle of champagne or dining on the most exquisite menu are endless. Take a look at the newest food and beverage trends from across the nation to give a little additional flavor to your next meal.


Restaurants all over Australia are taking the concept to a notch by bringing their dining experiences onto the streets. Some major locations, like The Rocks in Sydney, have even closed off laneways to create a dreamy destination for dining. Don’t overlook Sydney’s House Bar Lawn at Barangaroo House, the ideal spot for a relaxing waterside stroll on your time. If you want something more unusual, locate a place to sit on the pebble-stone laneway and discover Cantina Ok!’s hand-sourced, hand-imported, handmade agave spirit.

Further north, Brisbane’s Solotel River bar and kitchen has opened the darwin-and-surrounds Chandon Garden pop-up, which is ideal for cooling off on the river with a glass of bubbly on the rocks. When you’re in the tropical area of Darwin, Pee Wee’s in the Point is a lounge seating area waiting to welcome you into the East Point Nature Reserve.


Think degustation menu, but for cocktails. Small cocktails can be a nebulous trend that has begun to make an enormous impression on the Australian food scene. They are ideal as a tasting test for the bigger portions; these mini-tins are intended to take your palate on a journey but without the repercussions of a large hangover. Restaurants like Perth’s upscale Japanese-inspired Fleur are serving sophisticated yet playful drinks to their guests. The Sydney’s bar Margaux “petit” martini and Manhattan cocktails are available in Melbourne.


Australia isn’t just the king in the art of making a Vegemite sandwich. We’re proud of the art of making sandwiches, and this has never been more apparent. Tiny’s Sandwich Bar, located in Sydney, is a place that takes their craft extremely seriously. The menu is similar to a New York delicatessen but with obvious Aussie influences. What’s more? They also serve really good cocktails.

Brisbane’s Melt Brothers in Brisbane should be included in your list of restaurants to visit for the best gourmet toastie (toasted sandwich) with a variety of fillings and a stretchy cheese that is able to compete with the cheesiest pizza. At the same time, Matteo’s Delicatessen in Melbourne serves up Mediterranean-inspired paninis alongside coffee and cannoli for a perfectly balanced lunch.

If you’re down to the south of Hobart, Tasmania, feast on the famous a and Deli for hearty tuck food with sliders, as well as an imaginative rotating menu of specials each week.


The options of where you can dine on the menu of your favorite restaurant are endless! With picnics growing in popularity, many restaurants offer bigger menus for takeaway, so you can grab some drinks and sit on the grass and enjoy the sun.

Why not consider an elegant picnic? Many businesses across the nation can set up beautiful tables, food, and beverages for you in nearly every location. Consider dining at the Platters by Paige (Sydney) Honor and Fete (Melbourne), Picnic Packages (Gold Coast), Social Picnic Co. (Brisbane), Pop-Up Picnics (Mornington Peninsula), Yallingup Sunset Picnics (Margaret River) and Let’s Picnic (Adelaide). The trend is even making it into Norfolk Island, where the Platters of Paige could offer a stunning setting for you to unwind and take in the breathtaking island views.


Restaurants across Australia have put sustainability at the forefront of their operations, and this could include solar panels to generate energy, locally sourced ingredients that help reduce food miles, or compostable containers for takeaway. Winemakers, drink suppliers, distillers, and brewers are also adopting sustainable practices. For instance, the team of Australian Capital Territory is cutting down on their water consumption, switching to a low-GWP (global warming potency) refrigerant, and creating grain silos to ensure that hundreds of grain bags from being thrown away.

Gathering on The Coriole is a second sustainable must-see located in South Australia. They purchase local, ethically-harvested, sustainable, foraged, and sustainable ingredients from reputable farmers, such as seafood, meats, as well as vegetables and fruits. They also expanded their nearby Coriole winery to become a farm to cater to the demands of restaurants.

Mother is located in the Perth suburb of Fremantle. The restaurant, Mother in Perth’s Fremantle plant-based eatery that, utilizes only natural ingredients and serves meals that are almost created by hand within their kitchen. The restaurant also employs recycling and waste reduction, as well as eco-friendly lighting and water-efficient appliances.

For Stokehouse, located on St Kilda Beach in Melbourne, sustainability is a key element in the planning, construction, and operation of the restaurant. With an array of sustainability-related elements and features, not only will you be enjoying mouth-watering local-sourced food and wine, as well as eating in the most eco-friendly (heating and cool) location that is situated on St Kilda Beach.

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