Food waste in Australia

Food waste in Australia

Did you know that Australia is a producer of enough food to feed all and eliminate food insecurity?

Australia currently produces over 7.6 million tonnes of waste food every year. This is enough for the capacity of the Australian Cricket Stadium to be nine times. This costs the Australian economy an estimated $36.6 billion, despite the fact that the fact that 70 percent of it is completely suitable for consumption.

Around 10 percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions originate from food waste that is not used. In Australia, this is 17.5 million tons of CO2 every year.

Australia is a committed participant in our commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (12.3) to cut down on the amount of food wasted in 2030. We have a plan in place to aid in reaching the target. Foodbank’s grocery and food rescue operations have saved 86.6 million tonnes of CO2 emissions by 2022*. We are a full part of Stop Food Waste Australia and the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre and are both dedicated to reducing food waste by half by 2030.

We also urge for the government to implement the National Food Donation Tax Incentive created in collaboration with KPMG Australia, with the assistance of the Fight Food Waste CRC and the food relief sector. If this tax incentive is adopted today, the tax incentive could save 100 million meals in 2030, which will make a huge difference to our sustainability as well as the health of the most vulnerable Australians.

Similar incentives like our suggestion are being implemented successfully in the USA, France, Canada, and the Netherlands. This method could help create economic, social, and environmental benefits worth around $2 billion annually. This would be a direct aid in meeting our ambitious reduction in food waste goal.

What can I do to keep food waste out of my house?

Over a third of the waste from Australia’s food is produced at home, which means that everyone has a role to take part. Food is often wasted due to confusion over the best-before and use-by dates or because we don’t know if leftovers are safe to heat. A little know-how can make a difference! In order to reduce the amount of food wasted in households, it’s simple to click this. With an average Aussie family losing $3,800 per year because of food waste, It’s well worth it!

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