Top 10 Food Trends of 2013

Top 10 Food Trends of 2013

Let me clarify this from the start. It’s wrong to claim that this list reflects the global trends in food. Because the supply of ingredients is restricted to the location, and what we consume is dictated by history. It’s also representative that components have never been transported globally at this speed, either in real-time or virtual. At the same time, the Americans are eating Chia seeds while we in India may discover Ragi’s centuries-old benefits. I don’t know about your, however, me. 


 In a store, you’ll likely see an aisle dedicated to gluten-free. What exactly is gluten-free? It means that it is not made with wheat. If you tell a north Indian that he must stop eating rotis, he’ll think you’re insane. However, in the past few years, it is now quite common. Many claim that they suffer from a ‘gluten sensitivity’ that causes them to feel bloated and tired when they consume foods made with wheat, barley, rye and. It’s a massive 7 billion dollar business in the present.

Are you gluten intolerant? Learn how to create a gluten-free chocolaty cake.


 A South American grain that is now considered an excellent diet by nutritional experts. It’s incredibly high in protein, has no calories, and is also low in cholesterol. So far, so good. The latest news regarding Quinoa which is making the rounds, says that the product has a worldwide shortage because of the growing demand. It’s so much that it’s rare within South America, where it’s the mainstay for people with low incomes.

I’ve cooked enough with it to make me a committed fan. I throw in some vegetables for a salad, and sometimes, I cook a rice risotto or add feta cheese over the top with toasty sesame. Each time, it embraces every flavor with all-inclusive arms.

Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 

Consume this as a tonic, the health experts advise. It is excellent for skin and hair, as I was informed by one of India’s most reputable doctors. In the meantime, I have come across many who were able to reverse their health issues, and they appear to be taking this oil since it helps make a robust immune system. It’s full of antioxidants… An important tip – make sure to try and purchase organic.

Raw Food 

Raw, uncooked food ensures health and weight loss. Raw food is awash in natural nutrients and enzymes that help the body attain optimal health. And you’ll lose weight. This type of diet is indeed just as old as time. However, it has changed in the course of the passage of time.

The berries are gradually but gradually becoming part of bread and crackers. I frequently use them to fill inside my tart shells.

Farmers Markets

 By definition, it’s the sale of organic produce directly by the producer to the buyer. Simply put, this is the best way to get past all intermediaries. Farmers or producers communicate directly with the consumer. For example, grains, vegetables, cheese, honey, and sauces are all without pesticides and sold at a reasonable price for the consumer.

It’s worked all over the world; however, the cities that are in India are slowly gaining ground.


 Spa weekend packages, healthy eating programs, and Ayurveda centers detoxification get new hues and regulations. The main idea is to give your body some time. It is possible to go raw, do Ayurvedic exercises, or even try massages that assist in detoxing. An old-fashioned method that remains in use. Mix the perfect healthy juice and enjoy a bowl of vibrant Jowar mix. 

Goji Berries The latest goji berries that have jumped on the food trend are Goji fruit. In India, you can get them dried and packed. It is possible to sprinkle on your cereals, yogurt, or desserts. They’re less sweet than cranberries, have a slight chewiness, and have a beautiful pink hue. Did you learn that herbalists have used goji berries for over 6000 decades in China?

Whole Grain Is in your biscuits, Oats, flour, and even packaged food items. It’s everywhere. Whole Grain refers to all the components from the grains kernel bran, germ, and endosperm utilized.

Yogurt, One of the terms that are trending lately, is probiotics, and it’s been produced Yoghurtculturally “in.” It’s full of beneficial bacteria. Supermarkets are brimming with flavor variations; however, nothing compares to the homemade one.

Ragi is often referred to in the form of finger millet. A nutritious food popular with kids living in South Indian homes is returning to the grindstone. It’s a great source of calcium, excellent for bones, and has a low cholesterol level. It’s been incorporated into biscuits flour, biscuits, snacks..you can think of it.

Recipes that make use of the goodness of Ragi.

People can be fickle in their food. It’s hard to tell if Quinoa will take pride in restaurant spot-on menus or if cold-pressed coconut oil will continue to be popular.

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