The Best and Worst Things About Food Blogging on Medium

I’ve only been blogging about food on Medium for four months at the moment; however, after having tried different types of content, including food blogging, recipe, or recipe blogging is the kind of writing I’m most likely to return to time and again. Some types of writing leave me feeling that I didn’t have the clarity I might have been or that there’s a lot of something else I would have liked to tell, but I cut it out because it wasn’t in the context. A recipe can be a neat, tidy thought that is contained and neat. The moment you hit the publish button for a dish brings great relief and a feeling of accomplishment.

However, food blog posts via Medium aren’t something I suggest without reservations.

Reader experience vs. audience reads.

One of Medium’s most appealing features is that they don’t display advertisements. There are no flashing sidebars or awkward commercial videos that auto-play.

Most non-medium recipe and cooking websites are constantly twitching about these ads. If you’re looking at a large computer, the ads’ impact is pleasant; however, when you scale down to reading recipes on the phone, the experience can be described as irritating and inaccessible.

Every food blogger follows the same format and the placement of advertisements (read all over the place and continuously), which is why they are making some money.

Fortunately, I can post recipes thanks to Medium. I can post recipes and still earn money without creating epileptic seizures in my readers.

One of the most annoying things concerning Medium is it does not have advertisements. So in just six weeks, I could get 7,000 people looking at the recipe for my chicken soup with spinach to be featured on some of the most significant websites for recipe aggregation via the web but only earn $1.75 on each of those views.

Why? Because the primary metric for Medium’s payment is internal views – members’ read time. This story has 98 percent views from the outside.

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