Most unusual and delicious ways that regular food can be prepared…

Most unusual and delicious ways that regular food can be prepared…

If you believe there are rules for eating a certain dish, you are likely wrong. In other countries, these are some of the strangest ways people eat regular food, such as bread and meat.

Tamago Gohan

There are many ways to consume eggs around the globe. A Japanese breakfast that uses raw eggs is called Tamago Kake Gohan. A breakfast known as Tamago Kake Gohan (Japanese rice mixed in a bowl) can be prepared. The raw egg is then served over the rice.

Beef Tea

Perhaps you’ve had the pleasure of drinking black, green, fermented, or herbal teas. Did you know that beef tea is also available? Although the recipe was well-known in ancient times, it was lost to time. It was first published in the 1760 Dublin Courier when it was called a health-focused beverage.

Ice cream served with green onions (Scallions).

This flavour is not my favourite ice cream flavour, even if you’re a huge fan of vanilla. Although vanilla is the most popular flavour, this dessert is not your first choice.

Spaghetti Eis

You might initially think it’s pasta. But what if I tell you that this is ice cream? What? What? To make the treat look like spaghetti, vanilla ice cream goes through a potato ricer. The whipped cream is then topped with coconut flakes or white chocolate and, sometimes, strawberry sauce.


You may be familiar with Turkey’s coffee and apple tea. But you might not know that Turkey has an unusual but delicious recipe. Dondurma Turkish ice cream is what I’m referring to.

You might be wondering what would be strange about Turkish ice cream. It would be served cold in scoops or cones.

Trekking Burger

When someone offers you fast food, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Burgers or Pizza? Both burgers and pizzas are great options that can be enjoyed any time of the day. Although you may have had a Minetta burger, cheeseburger or green-chile hamburger, have you ever tried a burger from a can? The trekking burger isn’t available in all countries and cannot be shipped to the US.

Chip Butty

Did you know that French fries and sandwiches could be combined to make a great recipe? The customizable Chip Butty recipe is loved by millions of people and is suitable for all ages.

Chip Butty, also known as chip sandwich, chip cob or chip muffin, is a British favourite dish. This sandwich is made from French fries and buttered bread. You can add whatever you want, curry sauce, fried eggs, or baked beans, and enjoy it as a lunch, dinner, or breakfast. Chip barm is another variation that uses cake to substitute for sliced white bread.

Spaghetti Donuts

All ages love doughnuts. The new spaghetti doughnut is a popular Instagram food and has attracted foodies from all over the globe. This new combination of spaghetti and doughnuts is sure to please those who love pasta in all forms, from green to cheesy. This is a delicious doughnut-shaped pasta filled with cheesy goodness.

Tavuk Gogol

You may not have known that the chicken you make as a spicy dish can be used as a dessert. Tavuk Gogsu might sound strange to you, but it is one of the most delicious desserts the Ottoman Sultan served. This dish is made by boiling the meat and separating it into rillettes. The meat is then mixed with sugar, cracked and other flavours for a delicious taste.


Pumpkin bowls might be a better alternative to Italian bread bowls. Pumpkin bowls might be more delicious than regular bread. Sanykaya can be found on many menus. Instead of asking for it, order one and enjoy the delicious treat. This recipe was interesting to me.

Tip – To prevent your pumpkin from cracking, place it in a bowl that fits around it. Do not heat the custard and let it cool down before taking it out of the steamer.

Fried butter

It might seem strange that butter doesn’t melt when it is fried. It is because the butter that has been frozen is fried in a batter. Deep-fried butter is often compared to French toast, and it is called ‘the most buttery bread ever.


Martabak is a great resource for those struggling to decide whether they want to eat chocolate or cheese. Martabak is an Indonesian dessert that combines cheese and chocolate. There are many Martabak variations, but the most popular include cheese and chocolate.

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