Koku Culture, Ashfield

It is said that the majority of people do not see the ten years of dedication that led to the quick success of a cafe, and this is evident more than in the menu at Ashfield’s latest (and most excellent) restaurant called Koku Culture. Koku Culture.Locally renowned

From the front, led by two Billy Kwong chefs as well as one from Lotus, Their experience and expertise have led to an intimate neighborhood cafe that is now bursting the seams of diners. The menu is a blend of modern Aussie brunch menus with Japanese style, which is, well…my most loved cafe at the moment, and possibly a restaurant.

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite things in my life, shall we? Japanese-style corn, zucchini, and nori fritters

I don’t want to begin with something so uninspiring, but where is this food throughout my life? Check out the avocado bed that the tempura-coated fritters rest on; take a look at the soft-boiled eggs laced with sour cream yuzu and the chilly salad of rocket in the background. Each bite is full of flavor, crunch, and umami. It’s awe-inspiring how delicious this food is and how many poor brunch menus I had to battle my way through prior to arriving at this place.

Everything is right. It’s just corn. I’m brimming with faith. That’s how I feel. Seared wagyu beef with mixed mushrooms

Another popular dish is this wagyu beef bowl that is stuffed with a mixture of radishes, mushrooms, and buckwheat. It is topped with an educated 63-degree egg.

The beef is tender, the buckwheat is nourishing, and the whole dish is simply insane. Seriously? What other cafe in the West could bring the same enthusiasm as Koku is serving up right now? Sauteed spicy miso butter mushrooms on sourdough

I am a fan of mushrooms more than a majority of relatives in my household (shout to my cousins’ cousins who’ll tell me that we grew up together whenever I cook it up big). I’m not sure of the number of mushroom dishes I’ve tried that are even close to the standard that Koku Culture presented before me.

The secret is the intoxicating taste of miso butter. It saturates the bread and produces something that is so addicting that I found myself searching for another treat after I had gotten through my first bite. I am sure that this meal won’t ever be forgotten in the near future. Torched confit alpine king salmon fillet

I love noodles, and I am a fan of green tea. I adore the fact that Koku combined the two love interests of my life to create something I could not even imagine. It’s as if you added John Wick to the Fast & Furious franchise and then took them into space.

And why not add a piece of salmon belly that is fatty in the recipe? It’s similar to including John Wick in the Fash and Furious series, making them travel to space to encounter The Guardians of the Galaxy.

This is Koku Culture’s universe, and we’re all living in it. Brulee matcha pancake

My next meal was matcha pancakes with brulee. The matcha pancakes are soft and fluffy and are finished off with an exquisitely created brulee.

I’m not a fan of ending breakfast with dessert, but I’d eat whatever the Koku’s chefs served up in front of me. They might tell me they had prepared some cement for me, and I’d request a straw to drink the bad boy.

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