Cha Ball, Burwood

Cha Ball, Burwood

In my prime physical form, I was a bowler with a right arm medium-slow. From a basketball standpoint, it was like a shooter that could not really shoot.

But, because of the pain in my back and my knees and the slow degradation of my already poor skill level, I no longer ball. Instead, I’m spending my retirement cha-balling. Cha Ball is located in Burwood Chinatown, also known as Cybertron.

In the bustling Burwood Chinatown area (why is it that it sounds like I’ve taken an online course in writing for real estate?), Cha Ball might be home to some of the finest desserts in Burwood. My home is full of bubble tea as well as souffle pancakes and my heart.

They specialize in milk tea, souffles, and pancakes.

It’s not a good idea to undersell it.

They specialize in milk tea and amazing souffle pancakes. The souffle pancakes are available in a range of flavors, including strawberry, matcha brown sugar milk, and pearl milk tea.

What’s the matter?!

The Milk Tea Souffle pancakes

Cha Ball makes all their souffle pancakes in-house, which is why I suggest not attending school and instead going on the week. Jokes aside, I believe it’s best to skip working and visit during the week also because sick leave isn’t a rollover.

In all seriousness, at times, it can be a little waiting time, but it’s well worth the wait. The souffle pancake walks the boundary between both a solid and liquid and is delicious. Milk tea syrup drizzled over it is great, but not as great as the brown sugar version I’m about to delve into.

Let’s skip ahead to the next one now:

Brown Sugar Souffle Pancakes

My favorite sweets of the season.

And that’s not even near.

It’s near. I’ve had a lot of desserts this year. I also found myself rediscovered my love of Tim Tams and ordered an entire Family pack for my family of one.

When you think about it, the cake made with brown sugar is truly the highest point. The creamy souffle is topped off with the highest quality brown sugar syrup and a large portion of pearls. The pearls have just the right amount of chewy and make a fantastic contrast to the melting-in-the-mouth souffle.

If you’re looking to melt me, then invite me for a Cha Ball. I’ll definitely be there.

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