According to Nail Experts, Fall Trending Colors

The shift in seasons makes us want to make changes. Fashions become more hearty, food becomes more affluent, and nail colors get darker and moodier. According to celebrity manicurists, the fall color palettes invoke a cozy, warm feeling. While bolder hues are more popular than others, transitional shades are also very much in fashion. However, celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec says no fall nail polish selection rules exist. “Wear what makes you happy!”

You really can’t go wrong. But if you want some inspiration for your manicure, read on. According to nail experts, these are nine of the most popular fall nail colors.

Ashley Hoffman, the owner of The Nail Studio, Coconut Creek, Fla., is a fan because it can take on different tones. She says it looks almost black in low light, but it is a classic deep plum in brighter lighting. It’s excellent for vampy effects but not as dramatic or harsh as true black.

Kandalec says this dark moss green is earthy and the perfect color to transition from summer to fall. It can be used on all skin types.

Kandalec says yellow polishes will be in fashion this fall with golden shades such as this one. Although yellow might not be the most wearable color for nail polish, its richness, and warm undertones make it very accessible.

Elle says that this is my go-to fall drink. Elle says it’s a great red, purple, and burgundy mix. She compares it to a merlot. She adds that it’s professional enough to wear to work but striking enough to wear at night.

Kandalec recommends using different shades of milk chocolate to create a modern, fall-esque version of ballet pink nudes. While the effect is still wearable and neutral, it’s a little more sophisticated. This set includes six options that range from light to dark.

Do you love the crisp white look? This ivory shade is a favorite of Elle’s for fall. It’s similar to the original but slightly more appropriate seasonally due to the creamy undertones. Hoffman recommends this deep red color with brown undertones. You can make it more modern and classic if it is too simple. Hoffman suggests a matte topcoat for this shade.

This neon shade is a great option, as there are no rules in fall nail polishes. Kandalec says, “But who doesn’t love bright pink nails?” Kandalec says that the Barbie pink shade is a nod to the Barbiecore trend in beauty and fashion. Grays can be neutral when you aren’t ready to go dark. Hoffman says this medium gray is the perfect transitional color to help you move into darker shades later in the season. This gel formula requires an LED light to cure.

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