You can freeze eggs. A Kitchen Tip!

Can you freeze eggs? This is a great kitchen trick to help you save eggs.

Are you worried about eggs going bad? Are you going out of town and need to keep a dozen eggs in your fridge safe? You can use your freezer as a kitchen hack. Can you freeze eggs? Yes. The freezer is the best way to keep eggs fresh for several months. However, don’t freeze eggs whole. This is how it works!

Can you freeze eggs? A kitchen hack!

Do you want to prolong the shelf life of 12 eggs in your fridge? You can freeze them! They can be frozen. Although it sounds strange, you can still lightly scramble eggs and freeze them in cubes. You can then use them for breakfast for the next few weeks. This is a great idea!

  • To reduce food waste
  • Save eggs for longer, particularly if you cook for 1.
  • To extend the life span of your eggs, you can go out of town

How to freeze eggs

No matter what you do, don’t freeze eggs whole. They will explode in the freezer. Follow this simple guide instead:

  • Get an ice cube tray (silicone best) or a muffin pan. You can pop the eggs out right away with silicone ice cube plates
  • Use a regular muffin tin or ice cube tray to brush with oil. This will make it easy to pop the eggs out.
  • Lightly beat the eggs and then pour them into the trays. If you use a large ice cube tray like ours, 2 eggs should be enough.
  • Allow freezing for 2 hours. Place them on trays for 2 hours.

How long can frozen eggs keep in the freezer?

For 3 months, frozen eggs can be kept in the freezer. You can freeze them for up to one year. However, we recommend using them within three months to avoid freezer burn.

Before using, defrost in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

Last tip about freezing eggs! Before you can use them, defrost them for at least 24 hours. Please put them in the fridge and let them cool.

Eggs don’t cook evenly when frozen. The outsides of a frozen block will become hard and rubbery if placed in a pan before the insides have been defrosted. We tried it as an experiment. Not recommended.

How to use frozen eggs

To freeze the eggs, you must scramble them. You cannot use them for fried eggs like sunnyside up or more easily. Here are some recipes you can make with frozen eggs

  • Scramblessuch as Perfect Scrambled eggsFluffy eggs, and this Breakfast Vegetable Scramble
  • Omeletteslike a Traditional Omelette
  • Tacoslike Breakfast Tacos and Egg Tacos
  • Frittatas like Basic FrittataVeggie Mini Frittatas or Asparagus Frittata
  • Quiche like Vegetarian Spinach Quiche


  • Eggs
  • Silicone Ice Cube Tray, ice tray or muffin tin


  1. Lightly scramble eggs. Use oil to brush oil onto an ice tray or muffin pan or silicone ice cube plates (this is what I used). You can either pour the eggs one-by-one or in twos. Our ice cube tray holds 2 eggs per hole.
  2. Allow cooling for 2 hours. Once the eggs have been frozen, take them out of the ice cube tray and place them in a container. You can freeze them for up to three months or as long as one year. They are better fresher.
  3. Let the eggs cool in the refrigerator for 24 hours before thawing them. Cook the eggs as you would any scrambled egg.


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