Health Effects of Meat

Beware of saturated fats that are found in animal protein. Select more minor cuts of meat, and don’t increase your portion sizes!

Pork and beef are packed with protein. However, they also have lots of saturated fats, so I recommend choosing the most lean cuts of these types of meats. Protein is a great way to keep a healthy weight, improve lean muscle mass and help you feel content for longer. Besides being excellent proteins, meats like pork, beef, and ham are rich in other nutrients, such as zinc, iron, vitamins like B6 and B12, and niacin.

Consuming lean cuts of these meats rich in protein instead of their fat-laden counterparts will help lower your risk of heart disease, help keep your blood sugar levels in check, and reduce the chanceĀ of diabetes. Vitamin B6 and B12 could assist in improving memory. Vitamin B6 plays a role in the production of dopamine, a mood neurotransmitter that can decrease PMS symptoms. Niacin and zinc both prevent vision problems: Niacin protects against cataracts, while zinc assists in preventing and treating macular degeneration. Zinc and vitamin B12, and iron help to maintain healthy hair. Iron can also aid in the strength of your nails. If you suffer fromĀ Gout, red meat may increase uric acid within your body and worsen the problem, which is why even lean cuts should be consumed in moderate amounts. The riboflavin found in lean beef could help to prevent migraines. However, aged meat and any cured smoking, canned, or smoked pork or beef product could cause migraines in susceptible people.

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