Chicken Marinade Recipes: Simple and Unique Grilling Options

Chicken Marinade Recipes: Simple and Unique Grilling Options

Grilled meals right from the barbecue are the best things about summer. The marinade is an essential component of any barbecue meal. A marinade can make a bland chicken breast or steak tender and delicious. There are many options when it comes to marinades. Here are 15 of our favorite chicken marinades you will want to try this summer. These marinades are great for baking or cooking chicken in a skillet. Now, let’s dig in!

1) Greek Chicken Marinade

This marinade is perfect for anyone who loves authentic Greek flavors. This recipe features classic Greek flavors like garlic, lemon, oregano. Greek yogurt can make your chicken tender.

The recipe includes many tips and tricks for achieving tender, juicy chicken with many flavors. The dried oregano will have more flavor than the fresh version. It packs a bold, zesty flavor and can be made even more delicious by adding lemon juice and lemon zest. This one will be a favorite this summer.

2) Honey Sriracha Chicken Marinade

The secret to perfect Asian flavors is balance. This recipe claims that it’s the key to creating the right combination of sweet, spicy and salty flavors. The marinade for the chicken is full of flavor and contains all the ingredients.

The marinade recipe for this marinade is simple and requires only four ingredients. You might already have some of these ingredients. The perfect flavor comes from the sriracha, while honey adds sweetness. Soy sauce and rice vinegar give it an Asian touch.

3) Cajun Spice Chicken Marinade

Cajun seasoned marinade is a great choice if you like southern cooking. Cajun seasoning is traditionally pepper, garlic bell pepper, salt, pepper, and spicy cayenne pepper.

This recipe will show you how to make your Cajun seasoning mix. The marinade is very simple to put together, and only 4 seasonings or olive oil are required. After that, you can rub the marinade on the chicken. Let it rest for at least one hour.

4) Chicken Marinade, Four Ways

Forkly has you covered with FOUR chicken marinades. These marinades can be used for any cooking method. These marinades are great for meal preppers. They can be frozen too. First, a soy honey garlic marinade is included. It is simple and flavorful.

The next step is a sweet and spicy Italian sauce that will make you feel like eating the dish right from Italy. A chipotle lime marinade is also available to satisfy your Mexican food cravings. A curry yogurt marinade is last but not least. The yogurt makes the chicken tender, and the curry flavors give it a uniquely Indian flavor.

5) Sweet and Spicy Mango Lime Marinade

The unique combination of sweet and spicy flavors makes this marinade stand out. You can also make it in your blender. This recipe has a mango flavor that is sweet and tart, while the lime juice gives it enough tang.

The fish sauce gives the marinade a salty taste, and then the sriracha makes it spicy. Brown sugar is the secret ingredient. It will caramelize your chicken and balance all that spice. This flavor will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.

6) Garlic Lemon And Dijon Marinade

Cooking with lemon can make any dish smell and taste fresh. One delicious marinade is made from fresh lemon, garlic and dijon mustard.

This marinade is easy to make, but it will leave your kitchen smelling delicious as it cooks. But, the more, the better! The marinade mixture should be left on the chicken for at least six hours.

7) Brown Sugar Balsamic Marinade

This marinade, which contains five ingredients, is super easy to make and transform your chicken breasts. It’s delicious and takes only 2 minutes to make.

This marinade contains olive oil, balsamic vinegar and brown sugar. Balsamic vinegar can have a strong taste on its own, so brown sugar is a good addition to help balance it out.

8) Thai Peanut Butter Chicken Marinade

To all peanut butter lovers, this marinade is for you. This marinade will satisfy your peanut butter cravings.

You can also find authentic Thai flavors like fresh ginger, sesame oil and sesame oils, and many other fragrant flavors. Once you have marinated your chicken to perfection, you will use the same marinade to bring it to a boil. Then you will serve it as a creamy, sticky sauce.

9) Honey and Garlic Marinade

Honey and garlic are classic flavorings for chicken wings. It is a great combination of sweet and savory, which is why so many people love it. It can also be addictive.

This marinade will contain honey and minced garlic. However, the secret ingredients like ketchup or brown sugar make this recipe unique and memorable. This sauce can be used immediately, but marinating it will make your chicken taste ten times better.

10) Honey Sriracha Orange Marinade

This marinade follows the sweet-savory trend. The honey is used to offset the heat from the sriracha. You’ll notice orange flavors in this chicken as soon as your guests try it.

Orange juice and orange marmalade are the keys to getting hints of fresh orange in your marinade. This marinade also contains many delicious Asian flavors. You’ll want to make this marinade all summer.

11) Peri Peri Chicken Marinade

Peri-Peri chicken is a South African classic. It is often found at Nandos, a chain restaurant.

Peri-Peri is a chili-based sauce. However, this marinade recipe can be made milder or spicier to suit your taste. It will get spicier the more red pepper flakes are added.

12) Spicy Miso Marinade

This marinade will make your grilling season more interesting. This marinade combines Korean barbeque flavors into a delicious dish.

You can find many Asian ingredients at your local supermarket if you aren’t familiar with Asian cooking. This meal doesn’t require you to serve beer. After adding the sake to your marinade, you will most likely want it to go with your dinner.

13) Garlic Ranch Marinade

Ranch dressing can be used as a marinade. This recipe combines ranch dressing mix, garlic salt, lemon juice, and a small amount of olive oil to create a savory marinade.

The simple marinade will make a huge impact on the chicken’s flavor, and your whole family will enjoy it.

14) Southwest Chicken Marinade

You can bring Mexican flavors to your tables with Southwest flavors. This marinade can be used on any chicken, whether breasts, thighs, or drumsticks.

You will be able to smell the flavors of cumin, garlic, chili powder, and ginger in your kitchen. This marinated chicken will quickly become a family favorite, and you won’t be disappointed if your family asks for it instead of taco nights.

15) Teriyaki Chicken Marinade

Teriyaki is another favorite choice for sauces. This recipe shows how simple it is to make your very own sauce using only a few ingredients you probably already have.

You can make a delicious dip sauce for your chicken with the marinade that you have leftover. This sauce is made from brown sugar, red pepper flakes, rice wine vinegar and garlic. These bold flavors all work well together.


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